Grass-fed Beef

Rangeland Acres is a small farm where animals comes first !

We offer healthy Grassfed Beef out of our herd in whole, half sides or quarters. We also offer single cuts vacuum packed.

Our cows and steers have a natural life, with a much longer lifespan as feedlot animals. In this way, they produce a tender and flavourful meat.

We raise and finish our animals on pasture with out giving hormons,
steroids, anthibiotics or animal by products. Our cows are part of the familie and all our animals get the best care as possible. We treat them with respect, because they make our living ! Happy and healthy animals are producing more and a better quality of meat.

We practise low stress handling and wean our calfs in several slow steps. This Two-Stage-Weaning is proven by the University of Guelph/ON.

And as an extra bonus we delive the prime quality of Speckle Park beef, what is AAA quality well marbeld.

Bying local Grassfed Beef has beside health and invironmental benefits, also social and economic benefits in contrast to feedlot beef.

Health Benefits

  • – Grassfed Beef has a much higher amount of Vitamin A/ Beta Carotin as feedlot
  • – it is high in omega 3 fatty acids and also contains conjugated lineoleic acids.
    Both belongs to the healthy fat.
  • – low stress handling provides also less stress hormons in the beef.

Enviromental Benefits

  • – Animals they are raised and live on pasture, producing less greenhous gases.
  • – They also improve the soil fertility and reduce the manure handling.

Social & Economic Benefits

  • – bying grass fed beef from a local farmer gives small farms the chance to receive a
    fair price for their high quality product.
  • – it supports animal wellfair and helps to prevent resistance to antibiotics, what
    helps to save human lifes. Grass fed animals are not treated with
    antibiotics regulary as feedlot animals are has to be.

Bulk Beef is not available at this time. Please order ahead for the fall 2017

Please check out again what we have to offer.

Pricelist 2016

  • Quarter Beef Package $ 9.20 Ib aprox. 100 Ib +/- $ 920.00 sold out !
  • Half Beef Package $ 8.70 Ib aprox. 200 Ib +/- $ 1,840.00 sold out !

Both are mixed packages from all parts.
Prices are inclusive all butcher cost, pieces are vacumised, no bones !

We deliver from Consort to Red Deer and to Wainwright to certain locations.

Please contact us if you have any questions to our products or want to place an order.