Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

The Miniature Silkie Fainting Goat is a very new breed and still pretty rare especially in Canada. The breed is developed by crossing Nigerian Dwarf goats with Tennessee Fainting Goats. A couple breeders have started in 1998 in the USA/Virginia. The breed became official in 2005 with opening the Miniature Silkie Fainting Goat Association (MSFGA) with a Registry and setting up a visual standart.

The breed is all about the Look with theire long silkie coat. Mini Silkies are very elegant goats with a terrier like appearance, in a wide range of colours.

Because the breed is still in development not all goats look the same. Some of them have the ideal look with the extreme coat and bangs at the had. A lot of others are shorter coated with no bangs, but they can be valuable for a breeding programm.
The desired facial hair what gives the breed the terrier-like look is more difficult to establish in does as in bucks.

Mini Silkie Goats do not have to faint but most of them do when startled because of the myotonic gene they carry. This is not harmful for the animal !

Some of the breeder also have their goats registerd in the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR)

We felt in love with these adorable little pet goats and we are proud on our little herd. They are smart, playfull, easy to keep, pretty to watch and always fun to have the around. Just the perfect pet for an acreage.

We strive for the extreme type, good conformation and health.