Ranching and farming is our passion and we both are for a long time in the cattle business. We came across the Canadian Speckle Park Cattle and we are enthusiastic about their meat quality, gaining rate and quiet temperament what this unique breed has to offer, and of course about their beautifull look. So we decided not only to use them for our comercial breeding, but also build up a purebred herd.

We bought our first purebred SP bull in winter 2015 and started with two older tested cows from ‘Spots and Sprouts’ and some very promissing heifer that we purchased at the Top Cut Speckle Park Sale and the National Sale in Regina.

A very special thank`s to John and Dale Herbert for offering us these two great old ladys.

Now we are looking foreward to build up a purebred herd in best quality. But we are also proud on our commercial cattle and crosses. Our breeding goals are well balanced animals they are great beef builders as well as good for the show ring. We think that an excellent confimation is always important. And of course excellent mothers are making a succelsful herd.

On our search for some goats for the weed and bush clean up on our acreage we found by accident a Miniature Silky Fainting Goat and feld in love with these adorable little pet goats. Now we are having a little herd together and enjoying to breed them with MSFGA and MGR registration

We believe in respecting the nature and loving all the creatures in it.
So we agree with predator friendly farming and animal welfare.
All our animals get the best care as possible and they are protected
by lifestock guardian dogs. Our favoured breed is the Turkish Kangal Dog.

Our cattle is raised with out any hormons, steroids and antibiotics. We offer grass fed beef in bulk and small pieces. Check out the page for detailed informations.

We are George & Gudrun Delange
The Delange family is doing farming
in the third generation in Canada.
Our farm is located southeast of
Veteran, AB, Highway 12

Proud member of the Canadian Speckle Park Association

Visitors are always wellcome